Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Spending money is soo easy but find money??

Nah..lamanya x update blog..well,first,wanna share that im already gaji!!..yeah!!..not happy lah coz x dpt duit tue lagi..yg pasti,law pegang jak duit,kaki n tangan nie nak jalan jer and grab everthing that i saw!!..especially,shoes beb!!..argh!!..tekanan x dpt beli shoes..jimmy choo??..huhu..
later maybe..
Very penting law dpt duit,simpan terus berapa kita nak simpan..like me,mum told me,i should keep abaout 400..so,the rest,is for me..hoho.
star ha??..hahaha..well,yg penting,apa yg aku lakukan selama aku bekerja,di bayar setimpalnya..
but,not sure g if nak terus kerja sana..anyway ,pas nie,im gonna talk about Lady Gaga..so many conflict lah sal dia..wanna know what??..keep following bout my blog..thanx!!

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