Thursday, March 22, 2012

the best among the best??

Huh~~ ..sepa lah yg xmau menonjol dlm sesuatu perkara kan? ..well, i'm one of them who desperate to find the way .. =__= frenz say, i'm tall. i'm just 163 cm .. lagipun,masih byk org yg lebih tinggi dr aku .i'm skinny .. really skinny ..

jd yg terbaik antara yg terbaik, sgt2 susah .mmg x mustahil,tp sgt2 susah .. law lah aku nie seorang model terkenal dunia ka, pelakon terbaik Asia ka, remaja paling kaya di dunia ka, pemegang book of record the most richest female teenager with a total assets US 2.57 million dollars .wauu~~ ..i don't want to be famous .i just want to meet the people that i really want to meet~ huhu..

ok,about a guy that i like ... in a real surrounding i mean, not lee seunggi or seo do young , donno lah .

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