Tuesday, March 20, 2012

bila masanya aku perlu berhenti?

people always say, 'don't stop trying until u reach ur dream' ..but,sometimes, i was wondering, when is the time that we have to quit to chasing something that doesn't belong to us? or maybe we chasing something that we not suppose to chase.. so many dreams, so many things that we want to accomplish in our very short life .. what first? what last? ..

I always questioning the same things all the time . well ya, not everything we can get right? .. I really want to be a designer .but, I was misstep since i was in a high school .I choose science streams instead economy. =_= .and now,i'm stuck in my own way .. future seems so gloomy. is there any chance for me to start again? to follow my dreams and chasing something that i really want to grab? . I wish someone could answer it for me .but ya, even though thousand of people saying 'yes,you can do it!' ,its still depend on me to make it happen .. 

All i need, is a chance. A chance or a small opportunity for me to try if I should keep on chasing my dreams..
How much I want to be a designer? .. baaadly .. >_< .. huuuhh~~ .I wish that i'm not just a dreamer, but a dream chaser. Slowly, an patiently , i'll achieve my dreams. I wish someone could give me just a small chance for me... please ....  Sometimes, I feel like, I just wanna quit . Its hard to just dreaming bout it, but knowing that, its to hard to grab it .. Its okay . I can make it .I believe I can make it !! 

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