Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Dugaan di puasa

Ok .what a terrible day for me .boleh2nya dompet n burger yg aku mau sgt mkn tuk berbuka hari nie tertinggal di rumah .Ya Allah, kempunan nya ku rasa ~ kering bha tekak nie .huhu .dugaan and a lesson to learn which are, eat as fast as u can and right away and share it with ur family even hanya 1 biji burger jak ..t Allah murka . nah~ redha jak lah .esok dpt beli lagi .

 Well, oleh kerna my boy tlg mum dia d bazar IP, so aku pun malar lah muncul d bazar tue .aha .so, many people yg aku jumpa di sana .including the people that i don't wanna meet .. =. .= huh~ well, i saw Everlast and Rapunzel ngan penuh bahagia mengharungi kesesakan bazar tem tue . Aku nmpak dorang dulu, but dorang x nmpak aku . so, as i and my boy searching for foods AGAIN, kami bertembung but i don't really look at them .just wanna make them notice me that hey, Im here ! and none of u two say hai or what so ever ..
Seriously, both of u look .. ya, the way u want me to see both of u though .And, ouh ya, i saw at ur fb timeline that ur engaged already . congratz for both of u~ happy ever after . thats what every girl want .
phuff ! do u really care about what happen to me now? . well, fb reflect me .sometimes . And im not in the FAKE relationship ..
How's ur bestie? did he living his life nicely? did he broke another women hearts? ouh, Im not surprise after all. =p  Is not that he's not used to it right? .hopely not ya .

So, oleh kerna aku kempunan, and my boy already slept, even though I want to talk to him now , so aku mengarut d blog aku nie .erghh ! Kekadang, bila kita tgk org yg kita PERNAH sayang bahagia d sisi orang lain, kita rasa mcm nak ckp, 'aku harap ko x bahagia ngan dia'. its b'coz kita nak diri kita yg bahagia ngan dia .. well now, I don't even care . coz I found someone .. he .and they belong to each other no matter how much I think ... well, I'll keep that in my mind . keep it a secret . Pray for they happiness though . taraa~

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