Monday, December 26, 2011

My dream

My dreams.. Countless I think.And,im sure,girls that just like me,do not have a special life,just an ordinary person,with a simple life want to be SOMETHING DIFFERENT from what they have now..
 Well,like fall in love with a prince.. then,i can be a princess .like Princess Diana and Princess Kate ..or,from a street singer,or just singing inside my room to a famous artist like Justin Bieber, Charice,or Greyson Chance.Would be it so nice to have a life like that? :)

Sometimes,I would ask myself,how they do that? ..and,can I be like them when I know,out there,more people also have the same dreams just like I do? ..

Then, I got my answer .My own answer I think. Its all about trust ourself, believing its the key ..and of course,chance .Then,I can change what I want to change .trust our own ability and talent,then FIND chances. :)

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